A beautiful home that is not comfortable is not a home, just a house! Too cold, too hot, drafty, stuffy, dusty, or just plain unreliable are not the ingredients of comfort.

Randy Mercer Heating & Cooling has been resolving these problems since the 1980’s. Most heating companies offer a group of installers and technicians; We bring to the table great design based on years of training and experience.

Keeping your home comfortable is the responsibility of the central heating system. Heat pumps, Electric heat, Gas and Oil Furnaces, and Boilers are the power plant of the home heating system.

Natural Gas and Electricity are the primary fuel sources for most home and commercial heating systems. In outlying areas where natural gas is not available, Propane, Oil, Electricity, and Geothermal are the primary sources of heat. Experienced heating contractors like Randy Mercer design heating systems with the most efficient fuel sources and equipment available to provide comfort, reliability, and efficiency.

Our Services

We readily service all brands and perform service on the following:

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
Gas, Electric, and Oil Furnaces
Boilers and Water Heaters
Geo Thermal Loop Systems (our specialty!)
Air Cleaners and Filter Replacement
Thermostats and Humidifiers
Ducts, Venting and Piping

Before we design or install a heating or cooling system, we sit down and listen. Then, together, we establish exactly what performance standards your system must meet. We then create and install the system you require to our own high standards. Utilizing the best trained and most conscientious technicians found anywhere in the industry. Attention to detail means each system we design and install will provide years of comfortable and satisfactory service, and look good too!

Randy Mercer Heating & Cooling has always made highly-trained people of integrity our “best foot forward”. Equipment brands are secondary to design, know-how and workmanship. Shopping for brand is what the manufacturers would have you do, but that has little to do with satisfactory comfort and performance. The fact is that without the best design and installation of a system, there is no satisfaction. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about equipment; we really do, but brand selection can be a little overrated. The difference is the process we establish throughout our relationship with our customers. That is our business strategy.