Air Conditioning

At Randy Mercer Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on having the team and products to solve all your home cooling needs. Whether you are replacing or upgrading an existing air conditioning and/or heating system, Randy Mercer can handle it all. We will manage the process from design to installation. Repairing and maintaining systems or installing brand new designs, Randy Mercer is your answer to quality cooling solutions. We have many brands to work with and we can help navigate a solution that fits your home and budget. So call us today to find out how we can make your home heating and cooling system work for you!

Keeping your home or building cool is our responsibility. Cooling system technology has advanced and efficiencies are higher and noise levels have been reduced. Central air conditioning is no longer a luxury. Air conditioners come standard in cars; most workplaces are cooled because employers recognize that comfortable employees are more productive, so why shouldn’t the home be the same.

Many air conditioners now offer the R410A refrigerant which has a better environmental profile than the old R-22 refrigerant. Compressors are better than ever before for greater reliability, and some are even 2 stages for low and high cooling. This means even greater comfort.

Coupled with a high efficiency 2 stage furnace, these top of the line systems provide extraordinary comfort and economy. Air conditioners and heat pumps come in similar configurations as well. Heat pumps are air conditioners that have the ability to heat with exceptional efficiency and comfort.

Randy Mercer can help you select the right cooling and heating products for your home or building. Just like shoes on your feet, correct fit and product are important to the success of the project. We are the right team to streamline this process.